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Vehicle Detection

Vehicle detection and tracking applications play an important role for civilian and military applications such as in highway traffic surveillance control, management and urban traffic planning.

Facial Landmarks Annotation

Facial Landmark localization has been proven to be very effective in improving the face recognition results. Thus, with annotations you can teach your network to localize the facial landmarks accurately

Object Localization for Autonomous vechicles

Object Localization helps to detect and mark the presence of objects in an image and indicate their location with a bounding box.

Text detection and Annotations

Text detection and Annotation detects the text in the image and creates a bounding box around the portion of the image having text and gives the ground truth for the text.

Catogorical Annotation

bounding boxes are asked to outline the object in a box based on their category as per the machine learning project requirements.

Object Detection for E-commerce

Object detection in E-commerce can be used to both recognize and filter out inappropriate content from their own images, thus allowing retailers to better control over the image their brand is putting forth.

Face Detection

Face detection is used to find and identify human faces in digital images and videos in different types of environments.

Object Detection from Aerial Photography

Object detection through aerial imagery is a daunting challenge in the field of computer vision which requires a huge amount of annotated data for training the network to detect objects with reasonable accuracy

Lane Detection

The lane detection system is used to estimate the vehicle’s position and trajectory relative to the lane reliably. It plays an important role in the lane departure warning system.

Speech Annotation

High-accuracy speech annotation services are very essential for training speech recognition models to work with various applications.

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