KENZYTE: Custom Services for AI Applications

What We Do...

Image Labelling and Annotation

We label your images so that an important step in creating machine learning models is accomplished without racking any brains.

Landmarks Annotation

Landmarks annotation for precise detection of shapes for computer vision. We provide landmark point annotation to detect facial features, expressions, emotions and poses of humans or other types of objects of interest.

Video Annotation

We do video annotation for detecting and tracking the moving objects in the videos and train the AI models developed with deep learning.

Text Annotation

We facilitate the detection and extraction of text from images with the Bounding boxes used to specify where in an image text is located.

Audio Annotation

We split the audio into chunks representing each of the words spoken and help in creating a high quality dataset for AI models that require training with Audio and Text parallelly

How We Do...

Bounding Box Annotation Labelling
Bounding Box


Polyline Annotation Labelling


Polygon Annotation Labelling


Ellipse Annotation Labelling


Key Points Annotation Labelling
Key Points


3D Bounding Box Annotation Labelling
3D Bounding Box


Semantic Segmentation Annotation Labelling
Semantic Segmentation


Text Annotation Labelling


Speech Data Annotation Labelling


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Stringent Quality Control

Data Security & Reliablility


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